Why You Should Take Your Family Skydiving

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Adventure

Skydiving is an activity that holds a top spot in the bucket lists of many, but that may or may not get checked off. And there is a reason for that. Skydiving is not for everyone. If you’re not an adrenaline junkie, a risk-taker, or a natural adventurer, skydiving may not be for you. But before you completely overlook skydiving as a viable bucket list option, read our 3 reasons why it’s the perfect thrill-seeking activity for our family and why it may work for yours. You might find yourself changing your mind from “no way” to “why not?”

Skydiving makes you live in the now

Life can quickly become a series of routines one busy day after the next––a chain of causes and effects. And we get it. It can be really hard to break out of that routine and do something just for the sake of doing it. When was the last time you intentionally planned an event or an activity just for the sole purpose of making memories with the people you care about most? For most people, that might take a while to answer.

So look for and take advantage of opportunities that bring you and your family out of your everyday life. These are the kinds of activities that will force you to become present, keep you mindful, and make you live in the now. Trust us, when you’re falling through the air after jumping out of an airplane suspended tens of thousands of feet in the air, it’s impossible not to live in the now. And what more could you want than to pepper your life with moments that make you come alive and live in the now with the people you love most?

Skydiving puts your problems in perspective

Likewise, freefalling towards the wide expanse of the earth below places you and your thoughts in perspective against the enormity of the world. Your worries somehow diminish to a seemingly insignificant concern when you’re in the face of so much adrenaline and such a beautiful landscape before you. You truly can’t help but feel small against the macrocosm of the world. In short, skydiving makes you realize just how small you and your problems are.

Skydiving brings just the right amount of balance

Everyone needs the right amount of balance between safety and embracing adventure. Skydiving requires a bit of audacity that you won’t find in living your day-to-day life. If anything, it’s a break in your daily routine and frees you from the monotonous humdrum of your jampacked schedules. It’s one of those moments that fills you with the right amount of excitement, stomach-drops, and pure passion you need to continue on living the absolutely inspiring life you do.

So go for the “why not?” approach, because you’ll make the most exciting memories of all, and that’s exactly where life lives.