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4 Travel Tips for Headache-Free Holidays

4 Travel Tips for Headache-Free Holidays

It’s that time of the year again when people all over the world travel to visit family during the holidays. Many would agree that there is nothing more stressful than traveling during Christmas and New Year other than traveling during or around Thanksgiving. Although there is beauty in sharing a celebration across the globe, there is no denying the extra crowds and unavoidable delays are reason enough dread flying for Christmas. This is why we’ve compiled a few tips for headache-free traveling during the busiest time of the year.

Don’t Travel on Peak Days

The holiday crowds are often a point of stress for many travelers. Not only is this due to the delays they cause, but because every single action during the process of navigating a terminal becomes harder to do, as simple as they are. Therefore, our biggest recommendation is to completely avoid peak days – especially if the whole family is in tow. Instead, consider adjusting your travel dates by a whole day, avoiding extreme crowds and traffic.

Redefine Your Airport Experience

Airports are no longer a transit hub that takes you simply from point A to point B. Many terminals now have amenity-filled malls flush with art exhibitions, shops, restaurants, spas, and yoga rooms. A more eccentric example is the Vancouver International Airport, which has a 30,000-gallon aquarium containing 5,000 creatures. On the other hand, Changi Airport in Singapore offers a rooftop pool you can relax in between flights along with five gardens, a huge slide, a spa, massages, and a free movie theater. So, allocate more time for traveling and take advantage of the many amenities at your disposal.

Mail Holiday Gifts

To make your holiday traveling both figuratively and literally lighter, consider mailing your heaviest holiday gifts beforehand, that is if you are traveling by air. Shipping presents in advance or purchasing them online to have them delivered to your destination are both viable options. However, if you do take gifts with you, we recommend making them small and packable. Finally, remember to leave them unwrapped in any case security personnel needs to open them.

Turn Your Phone into a Travel Tool

You’ll find it surprising that for traveling purposes, your most useful ally is already at your fingertips: your phone! To start with, download your airline’s mobile application to receive flight status updates and other services on your phone. This will give you ease of mind as you are making your way across the terminal and can stop you from making unnecessary stops. Moreover, you can download mobile travel alert apps from Amtrak or State highway authorities. Just make sure to have your phone fully charged and ready for the long day ahead!

Traveling during Christmas and New Year can take a toll on you. This is why we think it is worthwhile to take the time to prepare beforehand and plan for surprises. Be sure to use these tips for streamlined, headache-free travel these upcoming holidays.

Pete and Rachael Herschelman4 Travel Tips for Headache-Free Holidays
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