Sneaking Veggies into Your Diet

by | May 2, 2022 | Holistic Health

Have you ever noticed that the veggie tray seems to be one of the only things left over after a party? That’s because it’s so much more enticing to reach for the chips and dip, cake, or cookies … who wants to waste their precious plate space on broccoli and celery? 

An unfortunate statistic is that just 1 in 10 adults meet the federal recommendation of 2-3 cups of vegetables per day. As a result, most of us are missing out on key nutrients that our bodies need to thrive.  

If you just know in your heart and soul that a veggie tray will never sound appetizing to you no matter how hard you try, don’t panic. There are plenty of other ways to sneak those much-needed nutrients into your diet in a way that tastes good to you! Try out some of our suggestions. 

Let’s make veggie noodles.

Pasta is a beloved comfort food for so many people, and it can be made healthier by switching up your noodles and using veggies instead! Make your own using a spiralizer (this article has some great recipes to try), or if you’re short on time, opt to buy them from the store instead. Keep in mind that store-bought veggie noodles tend to be more expensive than your average box of pasta, but they’re convenient for busy nights when you don’t have time to make your own.  

Another great option is spaghetti squash. If you’ve never heard of this, it’s a vegetable that mimics actual spaghetti noodles, minus the carbs and with more nutrients! Check out this recipe for a spaghetti recipe using this delicious alternative that tastes similar to the real deal!

Add veggies to baked goods.

There are so many ways to put a healthy spin on your favorite sweet treats! Here are a few simple recipes you can get some veggies into the next time your family is craving some dessert. 

Switch up your sandwiches.

This may be a tough one, as many would argue that bread is the key ingredient to making the perfect sandwich, but if you’re willing to try something new, you could swap it out for a lettuce wrap instead. Just one way to get rid of some carbs and make your lunchtime go-to a bit healthier! 

If you’ve tried making lettuce wraps in the past, maybe you’ve struggled with it falling apart and becoming far too messy to enjoy. This article has some great tips to help you keep your wrap perfectly intact (it seriously makes a huge difference). 

Infuse your water.

As if drinking water didn’t have enough health benefits, adding veggies can make it even better (and tastier!). Here are a few common infused water recipes that mix fruits, vegetables, and herbs to take your recommended 8 glasses per day to the next level. 

Infused water is extremely flexible, as there are so many refreshing combinations to try. Use Pinterest™ for some more ideas or create a recipe of your own! 

Not a veggie lover? Not the end of the world! There are some delicious ways you can sneak them into your diet if you’re willing to get creative. Strive for those 2-3 cups per day to keep your body happy and healthy! 

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