Don’t Settle For Less

Our Values and Ideals


We respect every person’s individual beliefs. The bedrock of our life is our faith in Jesus Christ. The one place we can turn that never changes and is always the same. Our stable ground when even our own emotions are unstable.


The place where we can experience freedom in our commitment. Commitment creates freedom. Once we were both committed, we were free to be vulnerable with each other and to be ourselves. What the fairytales don’t tell you; marriage takes work. There are ups and downs, victories and disappointments, joys and hurts. You have to learn to put someone else’s needs and desires ahead of your own; and we sometimes miss that mark, but our marriage relationship has been the greatest blessing we have experienced on this planet.


Our children: We love them so much and want to see them continue to make great choices and grow. Our responsibility is not to make their choices for them, but rather to raise them and give them our best, equipping them to take responsibility and become capable to make their own choices.

Our parents: Honoring them. That means always being respectful and thankful, and taking what they gave us and improving upon it so their legacy shines through us.

Our siblings and extended family: Being a predictable example and a loving non-judgmental stable place.


Mental and Physical.

Mental: personal growth and development. Cultivating a healthy mind.

Physical: Our bodies are and extension of us. We want to be heathy, energetic, and strong as long as possible.

Like every other good thing; mental and physical health take regular routine maintenance.


Time is life.

What else are minutes and hours and days and weeks and months and years. Money is choice. Time and money are resources of influence. William James said, “The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it”

I’ve also heard it said this way, “Use your life so that the use of your life outlives your life.”

What will each of us do with our resources? What will our impact and legacy be? It may be different for each one of us. The question we keep asking is: Are other people better off because you lived? That’s our aim. We want to uplift and empower and equip other people. You can give a man a fish (and sometimes that’s exactly what he needs), or you can teach a man to fish (we find more often that’s what he needs) so he can become self-sustaining. We believe in giving to those who are unable and equipping those who are able so they too can become capable. We also want to help other people who are willing to use their lives to benefit others increase their resources and therefore extend their impact as well.


Fulfillment and happiness are often thrown into the same bucket, but we think they are different things. Happiness is based on happenings; which is external circumstance. It comes and it goes. You can be happy one moment and then eat something that doesn’t agree with you and not be happy. It’s difficult to catch and keep happy.

Fulfillment is an internal process of pursuing a worthwhile cause or goal. It’s in the pursuit, and it’s in the process of growing, that we achieve fulfillment. Anthony Robbins said, “There is a one-word answer to happiness; growth.”

We want to be lifetime growers.