What it Means to Be a Modern Nomad

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Travel

Traditionally speaking, a nomad is a person who has no permanent address, someone who travels from place to place without ever taking root. However, in today’s world, a modern nomad can mean someone who spends the majority of their time flitting from destination to destination. They are passionate about traveling, and they ache to explore the whole world—every nook and cranny of it, from the mundane to the mysterious.

What exactly does it mean to be a modern nomad? Let’s explore!  

A Modern Nomad Has a Permanent Address

Contrary to the classical definition of nomadism, modern nomads have a place that they call “home.” Many of them have families that they come home to at night.

Even though they have those ties, they never let those responsibilities and roots hold them back from exploring the world and discovering all it has to offer. If anything, their families inspire them to go out and have even more adventures. They want their kids to see the world and experience other cultures along with them.

A Modern Nomad Doesn’t Have a 9-5 Job

It’s just about impossible to be a modern nomad with a regular nine-to-five desk job. With HR breathing down your neck about hours and compensation, it’s beyond difficult to plan a trip—much less be a modern nomad.

If you want to be a true full-time traveler, you have to ditch the full-time job grind and find alternative employment that allows you to take unlimited time for yourself. Financial freedom means having the freedom to see the world.

A Modern Nomad Follows the Beat of Their Own Drummer

You can’t put a modern nomad in a box. They are 100 percent their own person, and they won’t stand for being defined by anything or anyone.

Modern nomads defy expectations; they’re rogue agents, and they love it. They’re the ones creating their own tracks so far off the beaten path you might mistake them for Bigfoot. Rarely seen, cloaked in mystery, and maybe just a little bit smelly from spending too much time in the backwoods, modern nomads don’t care what you think. They’re too busy having the time of their lives.

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