Life Lessons Learned in the Gym 

by | May 6, 2024 | Fitness, Holistic Health

If you didn’t know by now, the gym is our happy place. It’s the space where we get to test our limits, while gaining physical and mental strength. And we’ve fallen in love with the process of becoming the best versions of ourselves through training!  

But even more than all of that, we’ve learned lessons in the gym that we use in our everyday lives. And whether you’re a workout buff or never touched a weight in your life, these are our life lessons learned at the gym that we know will benefit you, too.  

Three Life Lessons Learned in the Gym

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Lesson #1: You won’t always feel motivated. 

When starting a new workout program, you’re usually pretty motivated on day one. The adrenaline of beginning something new kicks in, and you feel pretty excited, right? The trick is keeping that motivation going strong as the days go by. All of a sudden, the excitement starts to fade, and you’re left having to depend on discipline to continue showing up each day. Life is the same way. There are always going to be things that you should do, but don’t want to do. Here are a few ways to hold yourself accountable when your motivation starts to dwindle: 

  • Track your progress. 
  • Use an accountability app
  • Set micro-goals (small, achievable goals) on the way to your big goals. 
  • Reward yourself for hitting milestones. 

The more you do the things you don’t want to do, the easier it becomes to make those things part of your routine, both in the gym and in life.  

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Lesson #2: Listen to your body.  

When it comes to working out, your body is pretty good at signaling when it needs to take a rest day. And listening to your body shouldn’t stop in the gym! For example, when you’re not feeling good, take a sick day. The people you work with don’t want your germs, and you’ll feel better sooner if you give yourself time to rest.  

Here are a few ways to take care of your body in order to feel your best (both in the gym and in life!): 

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Lesson #3: Hard work pays off. 

There’s nothing like the amazing results you see from a consistent workout routine, and life is no different! With intentional effort and focus, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.  

Sure, things won’t always be easy. But oftentimes, it’s the most challenging obstacles that lead to amazing successes. Just look at the story of author Stephen King who had his first novel rejected 13 times. That novel has now sold over 350 million copies alongside a number of TV and film adaptations. Where do you think he would be right now had he chosen to give up when things got tough? 

Make a commitment to continue to work hard even on the days you don’t want to. If what you want is truly important to you, you’ll find a way.  

Life lessons learned are life lessons GAINED!

Sure, the gym is an amazing place to make physical changes. But ask most people, and they’ll probably tell you that the mental gains they’ve made there have been just as, if not more, impactful to their daily lives.  

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