10 Indoor Winter Activities for All Ages 

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Adventure, Family, Marriage

As the winter months roll around, it’s natural to start feeling a little antsy, especially if you’re an active family like we are! Whether you live in an area that simply rains more in the winter, or perhaps you experience snowy days, it’s always helpful to have a list of fun things to do to combat winter boredom. So, we’ve compiled a list of indoor winter activities for everyone in the family to enjoy, no matter their age! 

At-Home Indoor Winter Activities 

The first set of indoor activities are ones that can be enjoyed at home because in places where winter snow is a real thing, having some fun activities to do as a family is vital to everyone’s sanity. 😉 

1. Christmas movie marathon 

With Christmas at the onset of the winter season, why not start with a fun Christmas movie marathon? The goal is to make a fun night or weekend out of it by having each member of the family pick one movie, popping some popcorn, and having a fun family movie night together. 

Two coffee mugs with marshmallows shaped like snowmen in them.

2. Hot chocolate bar 

The winter months inspire many kitchen activities, but we wanted to put a fun spin on an indoor night that the whole family will love. Create a hot chocolate bar! The best part about this activity is that you can keep it simple or go big. For a simple bar with the family grab some whipped cream, candy canes, and sprinkles.  

If you want to invite friends, go all out with a hot chocolate bar party

3. Crafting

Let’s get creative! Try a new craft like knitting, scrapbooking, painting, or even picking up a new instrument. Because of the lack of sun and shorter days during the winter months, it’s normal to feel a little humdrum. Many studies have shown how creativity relieves both stress and anxiety, so not only is it a cure for boredom, but creativity is also good for your mental health as well! 

A woman reads a book while an orange cat lays next to her.

4. Family reading time 

Sometimes, we all need our own space and to escape to the imaginary world of books. Consider having a designated reading time! This is a way for the family to be together and have alone time simultaneously.   

5. Board games 

Game nights are fun all seasons of the year, but when you find yourself stuck inside, it’s an especially good time! Pull out your favorite games and spend the night with quality time and laughter with your significant other or some friends! 

Indoor Winter Activities Around Town 

Whether you want to head out in the rain or even brave the winter snow, there are many indoor winter activities that can be had around town! Check out these five ideas to keep in mind. 

A white coffee mug sits on a wooden surface with the inside of a coffee shop in the background.

Coffee shop hang out 

Something about a cozy coffee shop warms the soul. Whether you head out on a date with your spouse or take the whole family, hanging out at a local coffee shop is a great way to spend a winter day. Many of them will have board games or cards to play with, you can even bring your own! Grab your favorite drink and pastry and have a fun game night (or day) out! 

Indoor golfing 

If you need more physical activity during the winter months, check to see if you have an indoor golfing business nearby! What a fun way to stay inside and get active at the same time.  

If you don’t have any in your area, here are other activities to look out for: 

  • Ax throwing 
  • Trampoline parks 
  • Ice skating or roller-skating rinks 
  • Raquetball clubs 
  • Laser tag 
  • Indoor rock climbing 

We encourage you to try something new this winter! 

A person paints a blue and white leaf on pottery.

Pottery painting 

We talked about getting creative at home, but there are ways to do that and get out of the house too! Do a quick Google™ search to find a pottery painting business in your area! Here are a few more ideas on getting creative indoors this winter: 

  • Painting night out class 
  • Cooking classes 
  • Local art museums 
  • Quilting or sewing groups 

Your town has so much to offer that you might not even know about yet!  

Movie theater 

It’s a classic date night or family night outing, but don’t discount the fun you’ll have at the movie theater! Grab some dinner at a local restaurant and then check out the newest movies that hit the box office!  

A couch and a chair sit in front of a large bookshelf in a bookstore.

Library or bookstore  

Lastly, take that family reading time out on the town. Head to your local library or bookstore to spend time discovering new books and enjoying a bit of quiet time. Maybe you even walk away with a new world to dive into at home! 

Indoor Winter Activities for the Win! 

The key to having fun during the winter months is to find indoor winter activities that the whole family enjoys!  

And if you’re stuck inside and feeling a little down, check out our blog on five ways to reset after a bad day.