Find Joy in the Springtime! 

by | Mar 4, 2024 | Adventure, Wellness

Depending on where you live, you may be begging for springtime right about now. With less sun and less outdoor time, you may experience the winter blues. Well, spring is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to find joy and renew your mindset. We encourage you to cultivate joy by spending time in the great outdoors this spring! 

Find Joy in Every Sense 

So much of being outside allows us to experience our senses! And with that, we’re able to find joy in gratitude as we become intentional about mindfulness. So, this spring, pay attention to this list of joyful experiences to embrace! 

An arched garden walkway has red roses growing on both sides. 

Smell the Flowers 

Spring is oftentimes synonymous with flowers! 🌷 While you’re outside this season, slow down, and as they say, “stop and smell the roses.” Whether you’re on a neighborhood walk, a hike, visiting a local garden, or even in your own backyard, take in the beautiful scents the spring flowers have to offer.  

Touch the Earth 

Feel the earth underneath your feet. Have you ever heard of “grounding?” Although it’s a practice that is still being studied, there are small studies that have shown a positive boost in mood over simply relaxing. Grounding is as simple as going for a walk with your bare feet.  

Another way to touch the earth and appreciate all it has to offer is to take up gardening! We hope you try it this spring. Even if you have a small garden space to work with, there’s a way! 

Someone holds a bowl of freshly picked strawberries.

Taste the Garden 

Another pastime that spring is known for is gardening. There’s something beautiful about being able to grow your own fruits and vegetables. When you taste the first harvested strawberry … YUM! 

If you don’t have a garden yet, no worries. Instead, head to a local farmer’s market to shop small, support local farmers, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. 🍓 

See the Clouds 

Have you ever marveled at the clouds? And nothing really compares to the puffy spring clouds while the sun shines through them. Find joy in lying on a blanket and searching for the picture in the clouds … just like when you were a kid. ❤️ We know you’ll enjoy this quiet and peaceful time. 

A yellow bird is perched on a branch covered in white flowers.

Hear the Birds 

Nothing sounds like spring more than birds chirping and singing. And this spring, we hope you delight in it! Whatever you love to do during your morning routine, take a moment to add in “open a window and just listen.” You can’t feel blue when hearing the birds enjoy the morning sky. 

Bonus: Feel the Sun 

Yes, we’ve already felt the earth with our sense of touch, but we can’t end a spring blog without talking about the sun! Not only does sunlight provide so many health benefits, but it just FEELS GOOD (especially if you live somewhere with harsh winters). Go for a walk, lay down on a blanket, or simply stand outside for a few minutes in your back or front yard. Soak in the sun and feel it melt those winter blues away. 

Embrace Joy This Spring 

Spring is the perfect time to renew your mindset and find joy! We hope you try some of these “slow down” moments this spring because we know how good they’ll make you feel.  

We’ve talked a lot about getting outside … and we always encourage this ANY SEASON! Check out our blog on ways to get outside more every season for ideas!