The Dos and Don’ts of New Year Goals 

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Self-Improvement

Your new year goals are waiting for you! But there’s nothing worse than heading into January with the pedal to the metal just to burn out come February. (Studies show that only 22% off those who set new year’s resolutions make it to February!) So how do we approach our goals this year in a sustainable fashion? We’ve got all of your dos and don’ts of reaching your new year goals right here! 

The Dos of New Year Goals 

Let’s start with what we SHOULD be doing to set and reach our goals this year. Here are four “dos” when it comes down to it. 

DO align your goals with your values. 

We’ve likely mentioned this in past blogs, but it’s always worth noting. If your goals don’t align with your core life values, you’ll find yourself feeling unsatisfied even if you reach them. For example, if “family” is a core value of yours, be sure that your goals include making space for quality family time.  

The balance between your ambitions and life values is difficult. The hack is to always be sure they fall in line with each other so you’re not at war with yourself. 

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DO learn from your past experiences. 

When it comes to your new year goals, reflection is key. Take the time to ask yourself questions about your experiences during the past year. What were your big wins and what contributed to those wins? What were your setbacks and what contributed to them? What can you do differently this year that will help move the needle on your goals? Your past is the best teacher of all.  

DO make sure your goals are challenging. 

If your goals don’t scare you, it’s time to revisit them! Your goals should push you outside of your comfort zone without discouraging you from moving forward with them. Here’s one of the most helpful tips we have for goal setting: Make your goals ACTION-based. A big challenging goal may be, “I want to be debt free.” But that’s not an action-based goal.  

Instead, try a goal like, “Pay off $5,000 in debt by December 31, 2024.” The next step actually leads us right into our last “Do” on our list—reverse engineering. 

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DO reverse engineer your new year goals. 

The reason why creating action-based goals is important is because it’s how you are able to reverse engineer them into monthly, weekly, and even daily activities. To revisit our example, paying off $5,000 in debt may feel like an overwhelming task. To make it more manageable, and actionable, break that amount down by the week. $96.15/week is what’s needed to accumulate $5,000 over the course of a year. You can round that up to an even $100/week!  

If that goal feels too far-fetched based on your life circumstances, then you’ll know that you may need to readjust to meet your end goal. 

For an in-depth article on how to apply reverse engineering to your goals, check out this article, “Four Steps to Reverse Engineer Your Goals and Make Them Easier to Reach.” 

The Don’ts of New Year Goals 

Now that we’ve gone over some tips to help you succeed in reaching your goals, let’s chat about what NOT to do. Here are four “don’ts” to consider. 

DON’T give up if you get off track. 

Remember that not everything goes to plan. You can do all of the work and preparation to set yourself up for success, but life happens! Give yourself the grace of flexibility and adaptability. If you get off track, you have two options: Speed up to get back on track, or adjust your final destination for the year. What’s not an option, though, is giving up! 

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DON’T stop at the dream board. 

Creating a dream or vision board at the beginning of the year is always a good idea to keep those big goals in front of you. But be sure that it doesn’t end there! You have the whole year ahead of you to activate that motivation and turn it into forward progress. 

DON’T fly by the seat of your pants.  

This isn’t the time to wing it. Your dreams are too important for that. Take all of our “DO” steps to make a plan for yourself and your new year goals. Put that plan into action and follow through with discipline, willpower, and a commitment to excellence. And remember, YOU are in control! 

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DON’T do this alone. 

Remember that you’re not alone. Fill your life with positive influences whether it’s people that you meet, supportive family, your business or role models, or inspirational figures online! When you’re hanging out with the right people, they’ll help you to keep your momentum moving forward. 

This Year is YOUR Year! 

2024 is here! And it’s time to activate those new year goals. Keep them moving forward all year long with these “dos and don’ts.” We’re rooting for you! 

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