Bouncing Back from a Bad Mood 

by | Jun 3, 2024 | Self-Improvement

Bad moods happen. Sometimes they’re the effect of a negative event, but a lot of the time, there’s no rhyme or reason. You can have everything in the world going right for you and still fall into a bad mood seemingly out of nowhere.  

The good news is that the way you’re feeling doesn’t have to last for the whole day or even for a whole 30 minutes. Here are a few easy steps you can follow to get yourself into a better headspace and feeling good in no time at all! 

It’s time to relax. 

When a bad mood arises, getting away from the world by hiding under a blanket probably sounds amazing. Well, good news: Research shows that this can actually make you feel more relaxed and flexible! Being in contact with something that’s soft like a blanket is a natural mood-booster when you’re feeling down.  

This is also a great time to give your brain a bit of a break. Oftentimes when you’re in a bad mood, there’s an underlying cause—and stress is one of those causes. While you’re getting your blanket-fix in, try turning on a show that makes you laugh or try listening to upbeat music. Sometimes being lazy for a few minutes is the most productive thing you can do, so allow yourself this time to relax and then rejoin the world when you’re ready! 

Check something off your to-do list.  

Now we’re going to shift to the opposite of relaxation: productivity—another great way to pull yourself out of a rut! Maybe you have something that’s been sitting on your to-do list for weeks, and it’s been subconsciously bugging you so much that now you’re in a bad mood. The best thing you can do? Check it off that list!  

We get it, that’s way easier said than done. There’s a reason why things sit on our to-do list for months at a time: We simply don’t want to do them. If you have that lingering task on your list, read this article for some tips on how to tackle your to-do list and move on

Get rid of clutter.  

Physical clutter is often accompanied by mental clutter, and Elaine Aron, Ph.D., said it best: “Clutter is a reminder of things that should be getting done but aren’t.” So, if your space is unorganized, your brain probably is, too. Just like that, your bad mood is triggered.   

Avoid the problem before it even begins by cleaning up your workspace ahead of turning on your computer for the day. Or, if you’re at home, do a deep clean of your house (or even just one cupboard or drawer) before sitting down to relax with family. Organizing isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but it does wonders for your ability to relax! If you have absolutely no idea where to start, check out this article for some motivation on getting organized.  

Help someone else.  

Take the focus off yourself for a moment and focus on someone else. Research tells us that generosity is linked with happiness, so doing something for others is mutually beneficial.  

Here are a few ideas that won’t cost you a penny: 

There are so many small things you can do to make someone else’s day. Bonus: It’ll probably end up making your day, as well.  

Beat that bad mood! 

Turn that frown upside down! You are always in control of the way you feel, even when it seems like you have no control whatsoever. You can let your bad mood last and influence everyone around you, or you can cut it off after just a few minutes by following our tips. It’s up to you! 

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