Pete and rachael herschelman

Notes from the herschelmans
Holistic Health

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy and keeping a routine while traveling can be tricky. When you go on a vacation, it’s easy to throw those healthy habits out the window, and completely neglect exercise while indulging in all the yummy food and drinks. Don’t get us wrong, you...

Pete and Rachael Herschelman smile while spending time at the beach.
Holistic Health

Sneaking Veggies into Your Diet

Have you ever noticed that the veggie tray seems to be one of the only things left over after a party? That’s because it’s so much more enticing to reach for the chips and dip, cake, or cookies … who wants to waste their precious plate space on broccoli and...

An avocado lays on a table, surrounded by other green vegetables.