5 Positive Affirmations for Success

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Holistic Health

Declaring great things about yourself can seem weird and bizarre. However, you might find it surprising that there are genuine theories and neuroscience behind the practice. So, what are positive affirmations, what is the science behind them, and how can you implement them today on your journey towards success and positivity?

Positive affirmations have become increasingly popular as time and scientific research continues to prove their efficiency. However, the idea might still seem incredibly awkward and hard to embrace when people first hear about it.

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are positive phrases or statements used to challenge negative self-talk and unhelpful thoughts or habits. If you are constantly battling low self-esteem or harmful thinking, positive affirmations have the ability to combat these subconscious patterns. Thay can then replace them with a healthier narrative. Positive affirmations are also helpful for individuals lacking in motivation and determination regarding goals, projects, and dreams. Many use them as daily motivators to keep themselves under check and highly functioning.

The science behind positive affirmations.

The success of this practice is based on concrete and well-established psychological theory. There are a number of empirical studies based on the idea that we can influence our lives positively by telling ourselves these affirmations. The growing popularity of this method has led to neuroscientific research aimed at whether we can see any changes in the brain when we self-affirm.

These efforts resulted in MRI evidence suggesting that certain neural pathways are increased when people practice self-affirmation tasks (Cascio et al., 2016). More specifically, the ventromedial prefrontal cortex – which deals with positive valuation and self-related information processing – becomes more active.

5 Positive Affirmations to Get You Started

However much science backs it up, talking to yourself can feel silly at first. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of daily affirmations to ease you into the habit of positively affirming yourself on a daily basis.

  • “I believe I can do anything”

Even the most cynical out there can benefit from this phrase. Even if you don’t believe it at first, you might find yourself motivated and encouraged to undertake any task that comes your way as this declaration comes into effect. 

  • “Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good”

More than anything, this affirmation functions as a reminder for yourself. Knowing that even the bad has its purpose in your life is empowering and can replace unhealthy defense mechanisms when you are confronted by a negative or otherwise, upsetting situation.

  • “I’m the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents”

By declaring this phrase, you are giving yourself control over your life that you might have lost in the past. Not only is it empowering but it holds you accountable for your decisions, ultimately creating greater confidence in yourself.

  • “I can achieve greatness”

One of the most powerful affirmations is to tell yourself you can achieve greatness in your life. It is common for people to let their skills and talents lay dormant inside of them. By voicing your ability to achieve greatness, you are tapping into those skills and talents on a daily basis. This affirmation not only works as a reminder of those abilities left unused but helps create new ones that you might have otherwise not discovered.

  • “Today, I’m brimming with energy and overflowing with joy”

You are not always in a good mood or at your best. However, affirming this can help you tap into positive feelings that are becoming overshadowed by negative thoughts. Learning how to tap into these positive feelings even when you are feeling down can help you battle detrimental feelings that can negatively affect you in the long run.

Positive affirmations can be a refreshing way to reverse negative internal messages. Whether you are seeking ways to battle low self-esteem, anxiety or simply need the motivation, know that although positive affirmation cannot completely fix your problems, they lead you towards a path of recovery and positivity. If these affirmations don’t hit home, try coming up with your own. That way they can be more personal and have greater impact on your life.

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