3 Signs that Indicate You May Need to Reignite Your Faith

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Faith and Philanthropy

No matter how spiritual you are, everyone experiences periods in life where their faith is neglected due to life’s challenges. Likewise, when you’ve been blessed with good fortune and resources, it’s much easier to strengthen your faith. This is because life is filled with ups and downs, the bitter and the sweet, and it’s simply human nature to succumb to life’s ebb and flow. However, it’s important to pay attention when you may be in need of a renewed outlook on your faith. Here are 3 signs that indicate you may need to reignite your faith.

You can’t admit that you’re in need of a renewed faith

The first step to reigniting your faith is to admit that your faith is in need of renewal. Sometimes, we can become blind to our own lack of faith because we don’t want to believe we have let it take backseat somewhere along the path of life. It can be extremely hard to admit to yourself that your faith needs work, but it’s also the first step to strengthening it. Therefore, if you’re having a difficult time recognizing your loss of faith, doing so might be the very thing you need to come to terms with in order to reignite your faith.

You haven’t noticed a change in your faith journey in a while

It’s perfectly normal for your faith to be in a state of fluctuation. This means you are taking the time to consider where you stand on your faith journey and reassessing. However, if you haven’t noticed a change in your faith journey in a while, this may indicate you may have gradually become used to going through the motions instead of actively participating in your faith. Being stagnant in your faith is rarely a good thing, so make sure you take action and put in the effort to constantly renew your faith.

You are quick to blame anything besides yourself for your loss of faith

When we fall short of any expectations, especially our own, it’s too easy to find a scapegoat to blame for our own shortcomings. For instance, when your faith has been neglected, it’s much easier to say “I have just been so busy with my work lately, but once it slows down, I will work on my faith again.” However, that’s the exact way faith gets put on the backburner in the first place. Instead, go through life with the mentality that, no matter what happens in other areas of your life, your faith should always take priority.

More than anything, remember that losing sight of your faith is nothing to be ashamed of––it’s just a part of being human. The important thing is to recognize the signs that indicate you may need to reignite your faith so that you can take action.